Social Justice Home & Abroad: Social Justice Creativity Competition 2010

10. The Beauty of the Rose

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Michael Leonard

The Beauty of the Rose

This is a poem by a homeless man Booger Love. In The poem he speaks of beauty and love. . When I sat down to ask Booger to read His poetry another fellow by the name of James came and spoke with me about mental disorders and psychiatrists. . Both men spoke to me about there mental disorders. James tells me that most of the men and women in the city streets are either on or have been on medication. He says about the meds, “They are killing people.”. I put the pictures of abandon homes in the video to talk about how the human mind is like a home, while also discussing the reality of homelessness next to abandon or condemned homes. The Women Singing is My close Friend Katie Rodgers. During the time I did this project she began singing this old hymn. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate tune



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