Social Justice Home & Abroad: Social Justice Creativity Competition 2010

2. Vortex

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Ashley Waldmann


What I did for this piece was make a collage out of magazine clippings. I made several different options and this one meant the most to me. What this piece depicts is a blinded woman surrounded by a diamond necklace and shoes. When I was looking through magazines I noticed that a lot of the ads were aimed at people who were willing to spend an average of $800 on just one pair of shoes. This got me thinking about all of those who have to live without shoes. There are countries where the majority of residents have no shoes, food or clean water.

I made this specific piece to show the complexity of the issue. There are many different viewpoints, each with their own validity. The one I wanted to show was that some people are either unaware or choose not to recognize the problems this and other countries have. Poverty affects a large portion of the world’s population and that is a lot to ignore. This is my declaration that some things should change and that we need to be more involved in the problems that concern our society.

Of the five collages I made for this project, I chose this one because it meant a lot to me. It not only was a way to communicate this message to other people, but therapeutic for me. It felt great to create something from a solid piece of wood that has meaning and is a piece of art.





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