Social Justice Home & Abroad: Social Justice Creativity Competition 2010

Eva G. Farris Reading Room, W. Frank Steely Library, Northern Kentucky University

April 8 - August 4, 2010

1. Sanctuary

Artist: Ashley Waldmann
Reduction Linocut
2. Vortex

Artist: Ashley Waldmann
3. 20 years of the Walk to Stop Aids

Artist: David Martin
4. Freedom Thru Flight

Artist: Zach Janszen
5. Shake the World

Artist: Patricia “Peta” Niehaus
Ink jet print
6. Future Living, Get Educated and Make a Difference

Artist: Abigail Luken
7. Human Rights in the 21st Century: A Conference for Change

Artist: Jacquelin Walker
Color poster
8. Human Rights Conference Poster

Artist: Lindsay Gibson
Laser Print
9. Human Rights in the 21st Century-Power of One

Artist: Kara Sherlin
10. The Beauty of the Rose

Artist: Michael Leonard
11. Recidivism Wheel for FUEL Cincinnati

Artist: J Gray
12. Fear is Not…

Artist: Gina Grittner
13. And We All Fall Down

Artist: Ryan Neltner
14. Silenced

Artist: Briana Arnold
Poster Inkjet Print
15. "Fairies and Queers and Dykes, Oh My!" and "Straight as a Kentucky Road: A Collection of Poetry"

Author: Erin Wynn
Essay and Poetry
16. El Salvador: Singing Through Dark Streets

Author: Mary Anne Reese
Creative Nonfiction

Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457