Seeking Freedom in Past and Present: NKU Freedom Studies Student Artists

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Geneva McCoy

2002, charcoal drawing (photo)

Photosynthesis is the chemical process by which chlorophyll–containing plants use light to convert carbon dioxide and water in to carbohydrates and release oxygen as a byproduct. Sunlight is the fuel for this process. Without sunlight, plant life would wither up and die and life on this planet would end. Light is a necessity for all living things to flourish and grow.

Just as sunlight is a necessity of living things, so too is freedom. A fundamental part of the Constitution of the United States is that everyone has the right to freedom and justice and the pursuit of happiness. Those are not empty words. They are real concepts that should be truth to every individual. Freedom and justice should shine indiscriminately on all for the growth and health of society in general.

This drawing is symbolic of the importance and necessity of social justice and freedom in society. When freedom “shines” on all people, the society grows and individuals flourish.

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