Seeking Freedom in Past and Present: NKU Freedom Studies Student Artists

4. Preservatives

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Nicole Hall

2004, photographs on stitched fabric, satin petals (photo)

Somewhere between the deterioration of time and the permanence of history lies the attempt to conserve those things that survive solely based on the terms of their delicate nature. Their true importance lies within the memories acquired through life’s brutal and harsh experiences, those things that have an interesting way of determining the strength found within one’s heart. Is the mind stronger than the body? Or is the heart stronger than the mind? Does it really matter as long as you survive? In the end, buildings will still turn to dust and quilts will wear, but the heart will remember all.

[In addition to winning first place in NKU’s Freedom Studies Contest for students in April 2004, Hall’s Perservatives was selected for exhibition in the national juried exhibition that celebrated the opening of Cincinnati’s National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in August 2004.]

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